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Ice Cream Shoppe Printable Party Set

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Circus Act- Printable Party Set Members Download Page

Circus Act Printable Party Set   circus carnival theme party

Circus Act Printable Party Set- Download Link to Full Set 

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Halloween- Monster Mash Printable Party Set

Our Monster Mash printable party set creates a spook-tacular scene for Halloween!

Monster Mash Halloween Printable Party Set  Over 80 printable pages

Printable Party Set includes

  • 28 Paper Designs  (use for backgrounds, invitations, cards, snack cones, treat bag toppers, table decor, place mats, tray liners, scrapbooking....)
  • 5x7 invitation (3 formats-pen fill in, blank, and editable)
  • stationary
  • 2 inch circles for cupcake toppers, tags, decor- 5 designs in blank, editable, and graphic formats
  • cupcake wrappers- 7 designs
  • fancy labels (buffet labels, gift tags, scrapbook frames, placecards)- 6 designs
  • banner (circle, square, and flag styles)- 14 designs with editable design to add your own letters or numbers
  • water bottle labels- 6 designs
  • mini candy bar wrappers (for Hershey miniatures)-3 designs
  • party flags (drink straws, food picks, stemware, mini bunting)-3 designs
  • party hats (also great as snack/popcorn cones)- 7 designs
  • printable 8 x 10 party signs (8 designs)

Almost 100 sheets of super Halloween printable fun!

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Sesame Street Printable Set- Members Download Page

Sesame Street Printable Party Set  kids party ideas   Sesame Street Inspired Printable Party Set










Download Sesame Street Printable Set Link


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Print on heavy bright white card stock or glossy photo paper (standard size 8.5 x 11)   Print borderless, full paper size on best quality .  Cut as directed on printable

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Sesame Street Printable Party Set


Sunny days, chasing the clouds away!

Check out the Printable Party Shop’s newest addition- a Sesame Street Inspired Printable Party Set!

Sesame Street Inspired Printable Party Set- Printable Party Shop  kids party ideas and printables

Sesame Street Inspired Printable Party Set- Printable Party Shop  kids party ideas and printables

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set includes everything you can think of for throwing an amazing Sesame Street theme party

  • Invitations (6 designs)- blank, write-in, with characters, without characters and different background options
  • Party Hats (5 designs)- use for decoration, party hats, or as snack cones filled with popcorn
  • Cupcake Topper/Tag Circle Squares(6 designs)-  cut in squares or punch with 2 inch punch.  Blank, with text, with character versions
  • Banner Circle/Squares-  Cut and attach with tape, glue or stapler to ribbon.  Blank, patterned and character versions.  Also work great as table décor, plate circles and door hangers.
  • Cupcake Wrappers (6 designs)
  • Mini Candy Bar Wrappers (2 sheets of 4 designs)
  • Bottle Wraps (4 sheets)- blank circle to add text, pattern only and character face versions
  • Fancy Labels (5 sheets)- folded or flat for food labels, cake table, candy buffet, thank you tags, notecards, gift tags
  • Party Flags (4 designs)-  for food picks, drink straws, stemware, mini cake bunting
  • Game & Fun Station Signs-  signs for coloring station, bubble station, and two sesame street theme toddler games
  • Patterned Paper (8 designs)

All printables are in JPEG format so you can add your own text with photoshop, corel or microsoft desktop publisher or word.

Print on heavy bright white cardstock and cut as directed on page.  For glossy results print on glossy photo paper (available in bulk and less expensive at Costco or BJ’s wholesale)

For best results open the image, and change your print options to “Full Page Print” or “Full Size” with no border.  Select “best” for print quality option.

Harry Potter Party Ideas and Inspiration

How to throw your own Harry Potter Party


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Set the scene

Turn your home into a world of Harry Potter fun.  Post printable signs from

our Harry Potter Printable Party Set  everywhere.

Turn a closet or bathroom into the Transformation Booth.  Hang robes for everyone to wear.  Baskets of glasses and ties for the total transformation.



Create your own felt ties just like Harry Potters!









  • have everyone sign the registry
  • pull sorting cards from the sorting hat to separate schools

Olivander’s Wand Making Class

olivandersmakersoffinewandsInstructions for Harry Potter wands with paper and hot glue.


Professor Snape’s Potion Class

  • set a table with jars filled with colored water and interesting foods
  • pickles (leg of toad), olives (eyes of dwarfs), pasta or gummy worms (blood worms), vienna sausages (pickled fingers), sushi seaweed (dead bats)
  • fill small glass bowls with plastic frogs, spiders, lizards
  • dry ice is fun to add a smoky effect
  • put out tubes or skinny tall glasses (look in craft store flower department) filled with colored water (just add drops of food coloring)
  • for an edible fun lesson mix pop rocks with soda and let the kids sip




A Game of Quidditch

  • assemble two teams
  • put two baskets at the opposite end of your space (yard, basement, field)
  • need two small brooms, two grabbers (clamps on sticks to pick up objects) or two lacrosse sticks, and small yellow or gold balls (foam balls work best)
  • one person from each team will race to end while riding broom and carrying grabber, grab a ball from the basket and return to next person till one team wins.




Diplomas and tickets to board Hogwart’s Express

  • give out diplomas to each graduate
  • use train tickets as goody bag tags

Trip to Honeyduke’s Candy Shoppe

  • set up a mini candy shop with jars of candy with fun Harry Potter names
  • let everyone make their own treat bags


honeydukescandyshoppe   dsc_02921


Printables from our Harry Potter Printable Party Set




Mickey Mouse Theme Party Ideas and Inspiration

Mickey Mouse is a wildly popular birthday theme, from first birthdays to adults!  Everybody loves the MOUSE! 

Throwing your own mickey mouse theme party?  Use our collection of ideas and inspiration to put together something any little mouseketeer would love!


mickey mouse partyMickey Mouse Party61924563597082562

Mickey Mouse cookies from Firefly ConnectionsMickey Mouse decoration

Mickey Mouse party 61924563597217414

Mickey Party!Mickey Party Mickey/Minnie party


Click on photos for Source link and information or see Source List below


from our Mickey Mouse theme printable set

Mickey Mouse birthday party printables   from       mickey mouse printables 

   Mickey Mouse Twodles Party Printables  from The Printable Party Shop  Tons of printables all in onew place!


Photo Source List (from top left)


Aqua Splash Printable Party Set


Aqua Splash Printable Party Set-  DELUXE membership download

Download here

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