What is a printable?

Printables are designs that are created for print.  Printables can be used for party designs, scrapbooking, decoration, invitations, card making, framed art... anything you can think to create.  Our printable files are also great for digital design, such as backgrounds for blog pages, creating digital invitations, digital scrapbooking etc.

Do you offer your printable sets for individual sale without a membership?

Our members have access to tons of printable designs for the price of what one or two printable sets would generally cost.  We currently do not sell our sets individually, but we are working on putting up a shop.

What is the membership for?

The Printable Party Shop is for anyone who loves printables and creating things.  We wanted a place where we could share all our fun designs with party planners, scrapbookers, super-moms, designers....everyone!   So we created a membership site where we could share all our designs plus new stuff, for special occasions and everyday. Buying printable sets online can be expensive.  Single invitations can cost $10 and up, and full printable sets are $30 or more.  With your Printable Party membership you save tons of money and have access to tons of printable designs.

Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime.  Cancellations are processed through your Paypal account.  Go to your Paypal account subscriptions page to cancel.  Note- you may not be able to resubscribe using your Paypal account once you cancel your subscription.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of our product we cannot offer refunds for memberships paid.  To protect our huge database of files from fraudulent members accessing, downloading and then canceling memberships we have a no refund policy.

Can I sell or share your printables?

Resell or redistribution of our printables is STRICTLY PROHIBITED without a commercial license.  Designs by the Printable Party Shop are copyrighted, all rights are reserved.  You may not sell, share or redistribute our designs as provided.  This means no sending files to others, uploading to share sites, posting to blog or website,  ebay,  store sale....

You may use our designs for your personal and small business needs, including: print at home or through professional printer, create cards, crafts, party designs, wall prints, invitations, blog posts, etc..  If you are a party planner you can use our designs for your parties.  Bloggers and web designers can use our designs for backgrounds, buttons, page design, etc...

What do I need to use your printables?

We have tried to make our designs as simple as possible for you to use.  Most printables are provided in JPEG format so that anyone can use them easily.  Simply save to your computer and print.  Some of our printable sets are in PDF format so that you can edit text.    Some files are too large to post to the site and are compressed to .zip files.  You will need the following to open PDF or compressed files.

  • Adobe Reader (http://get.adobe.com/reader/) free to download.  Must have the latest version 10.1.4 or higher to add text to pdf files
  • A .zip file extractor-  Most newer computers have .zip opening capabilities.  If you cannot open the .zip files you will need to download a program that will do this.  There are several free options. Click here for a list of Windows Programs  Winrar, Winzip, 7-zip for windows users.   Click here for a list of Mac Programs    (Mac Zip)
suggested items for printable sets
  • bright white cardstock  or glossy photo paper.  Standard size 8.5 x 11
  • a paper trimmer. Buy at any Walmart, Staples, Office Depot or Amazon (click here for list of paper trimmers)  range from $10 and up
  • 2 inch circle or scallop punch (Amazon-click here for circle punch) For our 2 inch circles this works great for creating cupcake toppers, tags, labels, etc..  If you want a layered look, use a 2.5 circle punch also.  Punch scrapbook paper and back the 2 inch circles on scrapbook paper with glue.
  • tape or glue.  A glue runner works great for printable designs.  Saves time and creates a clean adhesive.   Also sold at Staples, Office Depot, Walmart, Michaels, Joannes and here on Amazon 

How do I download a printable set?

Click on the link below the printable set that reads "Download this printable set" .  This will take you to the Members download page.  Click on the "Download" link below the printable image.  A box will pop up asking if you want to download the set.  Click yes.  Go to your downloads folder and open the file.  If the file is not in your downloads file you have your download settings set to a different place.  Use your computers "search" to look for the file by name (ex: Nautical Printable set-- type "nautical" into search box or try "printable"


Help!  I still can't download the set I want... What do I do?

If you still have a problem downloading a set or can't find the set you've downloaded, email us and we will help.  Be sure to check that you have the correct membership for the printable set you are trying to download.  If you have a basic membership and the printable is a deluxe membership download you will not be able to download it.  Email  misty@printablepartyshop.com for help and we will respond within 24 hours (Monday through Friday.)